Blog Anatomy

Look at some of the following different kinds of blog posts and get a sense of how they come across to the reader. While perusing them, consider the criteria below and how the authors accomplish or utilize each.
  1. Resource Blog Post
  2. Teacher Reflection
  3. Op/Ed
  4. Personal
  5. Action Oriented
  6. Crowd-Sourced

What makes a good blog post?
  • Length 
    • <750 words
    • 2-3 scrolls of the screen on a computer
  • Content 
    • Relevant
    • Chunked
    • Organized
    • Visually appealing (clean)
  • Multimedia 
    • Engaging
    • image rich
  • URLs 
    • Related content
    • Cite your sources
    • Give readers additional content without adding words
    • Make it easy to learn more
  • Title 
    • Like a headline
    • Make it short and punchy
  • Hook
    • The title will bring them to the post, the first paragraph will keep them
    • Questions can be more powerful draws than statements

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