Ideas for what to blog:

  • Blogamonth
  • Teacher Leadership Challenge
  • Teaching Channel Blog
  • Edutopia Discussions
  • Repurpose previously created content (essays, papers, presentations, reports, etc.)
  • Video blogging - short videos of you giving a talk with a short paragraph to set the stage
  • Photo blogging - one or more images with captions, and perhaps an additional paragraph to set the stage 
Ideas for when to blog:
  • Commit to a frequency that fits your schedule (e.g., monthly, biweekly, every week)
  • Carve out a time in your schedule and make an appointment to blog (e.g., each Thursday at 7pm)
  • If you get an unusually creative block of free time and feel ambitious, consider creating several posts as drafts and scheduling them for automatic publishing later
    • This is known as "blogging your heart out"
Ideas for why to blog:
    • Give your students and yourself voice
    • Set your ideas free (like a message in a bottle) for others to find
    • Reflection
    • Influence
    • Archive
    • Curating resources for yourself and others
    • Digital portfolio
    Ideas for how to blog:
    • From your computer (i.e., from the web) using Blogger, Wordpress, etc.
    • From a mobile app on the go
    • Kidblog (for younger bloggers)
    • Start a post, write a little at a time each day or every so often, and plan to synthesize and publish later in the week

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