Start Your Blog

Whether you are creating a professional or personal blog for yourself, a crowd-sourced blog, or even if you are having students create blogs, the instructions for setting up a Blogger blog are going to follow the same steps.

Instructions for creating a Blogger account, a new blog, & a blog post are provided in the following steps below:

1) Log in to Blogger.

2) Create a new blog, using a Blogger Profile, or enter your blog if you have already created one.

3) You can create/manage multiple blogs on one single Blogger account. To create a new blog on your account, you'll need: a title, web address, and basic template (customizable later)

4) Enter your blog to manage it and work within it.

5) Create a new post.

6) Write your post, save/close it to return later to edit it more; or publish when done.

7) Once published, you'll return to your blog dashboard and then view your blog.

8) When viewing your live blog, use the URL to share your blog or an individual blog post with others via a variety of sharing options. 

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